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Last night was the Valentine's Ball, and I was supposed to pick a suitor there boring! But later on, one of them was found dead - with a dagger in his back! And it's up to me to solve the mystery and find the killer. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Review Text "The book truly catches the feel of the royal court and the unpredictable plot leads the reader on many wild goose chases" show more.

She became a ward of the court after both her parents were tragically killed in the service of the Queen. Rating details. Our customer reviews Reason for Reading: This is another book from the Random Bookshelf that I am reading from this year. She writes in her daybooke as if it were a diary about her day to day adventures which become quite exciting. Since the Queen is her godmother and promised her dead mother that she would acquire a suitable husband for Grace a party is to be celebrated this Valentine's. Here Grace will pick one of her three suitors to be handfasted to until she is sixteen and ready for betrothal.

By the end of that night Grace has picked her future husband, a murder has been committed and her betrothed is locked up as the killer with evidence plainly in sight against him. Grace, with the Queen's approval, sets out to prove his innocence along with the help of her friends, a laundry girl, and a boy from the acrobatic troupe.

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But a gruesome discovery on the ice—a dead man with coins covering his eyes—interrupts the winter revelry. All miscreants and ill-thinkers, keep out! The Exiled Queen. Cinda Williams Chima. Haunted by the loss of his mother and sister, Han Alister journeys south to begin his schooling at Mystwerk House in Oden's Ford.

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But leaving the Fells doesn't mean that danger isn't far behind. Han is hunted every step of the way by the Bayars, a powerful wizarding family set on reclaiming the amulet Han stole from them. And Mystwerk House has dangers of its own. Book 1. Now Grace, a spunky girl who romps through the gardens with the laundry maids and court tumblers and rolls her eyes at her fellow ladies, chronicles the court intrigues that swirl around her.

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And it is up to Grace to use her intelligence, stealth, and curious nature to solve the mystery that threatens the very lifeblood of England. The Gray Wolf Throne. Han Alister thought he had already lost everyone he loved. But when he finds his friend Rebecca Morley near death in the Spirit Mountains, Han knows that nothing matters more than saving her. She has brown hair and a rounded face with lots of scars. Like her friends Grace and Masou, she is an orphan as her parents died of the sickly plague. In Feud, she talks about how her parents died, pushing back tears as she shows Grace the scars on her neck.

The deputy laundress, Mrs. Fadget, treats Ellie badly, forcing her to work long hours without a break, and tries to suck up to Grace when Grace visits the laundry to make up excuses to drag Ellie out of her work to talk to her. These excuses often involve numerous unwashed chemises and precious silk handkerchiefs that need scrubbing from ink stains. In the second book, Betrayal , Mrs. Fadget treats Ellie so badly she gets quinsey. By that time Ellie is much better. Luckily Ellie is proved innocent and Grace is the one to give out the "good tidings".

Ellie is later upgraded to tiring woman after she catches a criminal and she takes great care and time with Grace's hair and appearance and often accompanies her on her missions. Masou is a Muslim boy and a skilled tumbler in Queen Elizabeth's court.

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  • Like Ellie, he is rewarded later in the series and becomes one of the Queen's very own Fools after performing an act of bravery. He is good friends with Grace and Ellie and helps them solve mysteries. Masou is from Africa and never knew his mother, who died at his birth. His father died of consumption after arriving in England when he was very young. He is cheeky, fun and boastful about his skills.

    He is especially good at juggling with fire. In the third book, Conspiracy , Masou looks after Gypsy Pete when he was hurt by a firework. He likes to try and scare the girls and in Haunted , Grace says it is the first time she has seen him speechless when he is granted the honor of Court Fool, and quickly becomes the Queen's favourite.

    She is two years older than Grace and is a lively and flirtatious girl. She is exceedingly picky over her makeup and hair and drives her chambermaids mad with her constant fussing over pearls and hair arrangements.

    She is the wealthiest of all the Maids of Honour and spends a month wearing every gown before begging for a new one. Not much is known about Lady Sarah's past, childhood or family except that she is an exceedingly wealthy young heiress and her family owns a large estate called Bartelmy House a hundred miles away from the Queen's residence. Lady Sarah is very pretty, with becoming copper coloured locks and a large bosom.

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    She is the poor Maid of Honour who has to sit for hours on end while the Queen's artist paints her because Queen Elizabeth has no time to spare. She also pretends to be the Queen at a masque where the Queen plays a cunning prank on her courtiers.

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    In Deception Sarah creates a rude rhyme mocking Lady Jane's lack of skating technique, which she sings in front of six young gentlemen, a large congregation and Lady Jane. Grace writes it down in her daybooke. Lady Jane then sings one back about three large spots interpretative the 'three blind mice' , staring at Lady Sarah whilst singing it. They constantly vie each other for the most men following them.

    He writes love poetry for her, which she receives very happily, and by the end of the twelfth book they are hand-fasted to wed. They are extremely happy together. Lady Jane is not the most popular amongst the other Maids of Honour.

    They both despise each other. Lady Jane despises Lady Sarah, and fights with her almost constantly. She is always searching for ways to outdo Lady Sarah in gaining the attention of the young gentlemen. Lady Jane is very pretty, as is her rival Sarah Bartelmy. Jane has an exceedingly tall elegant figure and long, carefully styled blonde ringlets 'foaming down her back', as one of the dafter court gentlemen wrote in a poem. Her father was the ambassador to the French Court at one time, so she gives herself fancy airs and graces.

    Jane often uses her eloquently superior way of public speaking to demean her rival Lady Sarah and update herself as supposedly the most beautiful and attractive of all the Maids at Court. Jane also thinks she knows more about fashion than anyone else because the French Court was so fashionable at the time her father was ambassador and wears a lot of French-style apparel.

    She is very jumpy about her clothes and her reputation for her beauty. She has a love of flirting, and uses her reputation of ultimate beauty to propel and strengthen that love. In Betrayal , Lady Jane is jealous of Lady Sarah because Lady Sarah attracts two piratical but nevertheless gallant, flirtatious, generous, handsome, dashing young sea captains to her beauty and wealth on a visit to Tillbury Docks while Jane herself, who constantly considers herself ultimately beautiful, is positively ignored, even when she deliberately steps into a muddy puddle wearing her best shoes, simply in the hope of attracting a little attention from Captain Drake and Captain Derby.

    Jane is very attractive and has a little group of young courtiers following her, wherever she goes. Jane constantly complains that Lady Sarah has all the gentlemen to herself, but despite her steadfast complaints, she does know that men of the Court go positively moony over her for a range of different reasons: her flirtatious manner, her beauty, and her wealth, the fact that she is an heiress, that she is exceedingly well-born, and that she has wealthy parents.

    In the 12th book, Loot, before the celebrations for the Queen's 12th year on the throne, Lady Jane and Lady Sarah have a fight over who gets to wear a crimson velvet dress. They have a tug of war, suggested by Lady Sarah, over it which results in Lady Jane ripping the dress in half. Mary Shelton is a Maid of Honour at the Court. She has been very kind to Lady Grace since Grace's mother died. When Ellie is sick with quinsy and Lady Sarah appears to have run off with a piratical sea captain, Mary stays at Whitehall and nurses Ellie.

    Meanwhile, Grace is away at sea with her hair cut short, pretending to be a boy. Mary is not entirely clueless about Grace's secret role at Whitehall Palace as Lady Pursuivant, and is Grace's sidekick when necessary. However, she never questions Grace's activities. Mary is quiet, loving, gentle and friendly.

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    She loves to gossip and hates climbing trees and walking the dogs. She doesn't like mice. As Grace quotes in her daybooke,.