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He is also after the money that Measle is supposed to inherit from his "dead" parents. Described as thin, tall, and has black hair that is kept on his head with black shoe polish. According to Measle, Basil never lies. Griswold Gristle — A bank manager that helps Basil claim Measle's money. Oddly looks and talks like Basil, and is a wrathmonk according to later books.

Frank Hunter — An electrician who ate some of the lemonade and doughnuts, thus he was turned into plastic. Measle helps him turn back to normal. Lady Grant — A victim of Basil Tramplebone. She is a borough councillor from town hall that tried to make Basil repair his house. This caused Basil to get mad, and so, she was shrunk. She also uses the word 'revolting' often. William O. Durham — A victim of Basil Tramplebone. He is a travelling salesman that tried to sell Basil expensive encyclopaedias. His foot got caught when Basil closed the door, making Basil angry, and William shrunken.

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  5. Lisa is Busy Nerding: Review: Right Behind You by Gail Giles.

He often uses tasteless jokes that no one usually finds amusing. Kitty Webb — Another victim of Basil Tramplebone. She was a girl scout that was selling cookies, but was scared by Basil's appearance and tried to run away. Basil caught her and shrunk her. She is often afraid but can be brave. Kip Lovell — A victim of Basil Tramplebone.

He is a carpenter who made a table for Basil; however, Basil was not pleased by it, so Kip was shrunk. Kip had been there the longest so he was almost all plastic. Prudence Preyer — A victim of Basil Tramplebone. She was a wrathmonkologist, someone who studies wrathmonks, and was spying on Basil for six months but got caught one day because her dog, Tinker, had barked, causing Basil to notice them. Lee Stubbs — Measle's mum. She is a manafount which means she, although unable to do spells herself, has an unlimited supply of mana, which is what magicians use to cast spells.

This mana can be tapped into either by her husband holding hands with her or by her being eaten.

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The plans for Warner Brothers to produce a film based on Measle and the Wrathmonk were scrapped. Certainly, not resting in the afternoon can have drastic consequences. Pierre Portero, director of research at the Biomedical Centre for Life and Sport, in France, says that industrial and road accidents increase between 2pm and 4pm.

These are mainly accidents of omission, which suggests that the person is not fully alert. Studies at Mr Portero's centre have shown that workers are more efficient after a midday nap. Grand Prix mechanics, who often work late into the night and may get little slow-wave sleep, were obliged to take a mid-afternoon rest after studies showed that many were half-asleep on the job. Such an idea is unlikely to impress Anglo-Saxon captains of industry, and, in the absence of a two-hour social hiatus, catnaps are the solution.

Keen practitioners have included such prodigiously energetic leaders as Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Thatcher and Bertrand Russell, all of whom claimed to spend but four or five hours asleep at night. While his compatriots dozed after lunch, Salvador Dali relied on what he called 'microsleeps' during the day, resting in an armchair and holding a spoon over a bucket - so that soon after falling asleep he would be woken up with a bang. It is just a question of habit.

With this strong biological drive, it takes less than you may think to get into the habit.


Research by Dr Jim Horne, at the Sleep Research Laboratory at Loughborough University, Leicestershire, suggests that 'night owls' adapt more quickly to new patterns of sleep than 'larks'. So if you are the early-to- bed, early-to-rise type, you may need a little help.

Kip and the Shrink : Tom Gnagey :

If you are unable to snatch a sleep just anywhere, Professor Hindmarch says, it may help to go to bed. It is easier to sleep soundly if your spine is supported and you are comfortable. Sleep experts may be in the dark about why different patterns seem to suit different individuals, but they are certain that the brain is at its most alert during the early morning and late afternoon. It seems sensible, therefore, for the British, who have the longest working day in Europe, to use the slump in the middle of the afternoon to sleep.

‘Web Therapy’s’ Lisa Kudrow doesn’t shrink from her TV chores

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