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But why not see this trolley in a different, darker light at Halloween time? On weekends from late September through October, Haunted Isle takes a lone trolley car down haunted tracks and through a dark trail in the woods. Gather your bravery, as ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and spirits will pop out at you in unexpected moments.

A haunted hayride, scary trails, parish church, and mortuary are also here to create the ultimate scary environment. How about a real life haunted house? The Lockwood Mansion in Norwalk has such a long history that it has seen its fair share of spooky history including witch trails and the New England Vampire Panic. Ghosts and spirits have also been sighted in this mansion. Learn about its eerie history with a guided tour through the candlelit halls and rooms of this massive mansion. The Nightmare on Wolcott Street is an indoor attraction utilizing costumed actors to really frighten visitors.

Dim lighting, fog, and scary sounds only enhance the experience. The timing of the experience is excellent, as your group will be alone to walk throughout the haunted houses, making it scarier than if you were bumping into other groups. This ultra-frightening attraction pushes visitors into new levels of fear using dark ideas that insert you into your worst nightmare.

This horror story finds you locked in an enclosed space in the dark. Hear the sounds around you and try to get out before your captor returns. For something a little bit different this Halloween season, try the Trail of Terror, which is a haunted trail. This trail is not appropriate for children, as it features volunteers dressed in creepy costumes and different scenarios to walk through. Part of the fun is waiting in line for your turn to enter as well as seeing the different creatures jumping out at you. The young maiden became inconsolable and wandered to the high cliffs at Nineveh where she jumped to her death.

Shortly afterwards, the young warrior, unharmed arrived home only to find that his love had committed suicide. Despondent, he went to the same area and committed suicide in the same manner to be with his love for eternity. Killingworth - North Parker Hill Road Cemetery - The ghosts of a bride and groom have been observed crossing the road both to and from this cemetery.

A number of other phenomena have been seen and experienced in this cemetery. The ghosts of a man and woman have been observed and "felt" throughout this building.

Railroad Extra - A Brief History Lines West--The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co.

Newtown - Fairfield Hills Hospital - Fairfield Hills is a former mental institution that is not vacant. It is said to be haunted by former patients. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions. Litchfield - Camp Columbia - This old camp of stone buildings was built in the 60's or 70's with a big stone tower. There is a very strange feeling from this place Litchfield - The Litchfield Inn - The kitchen and dining room of the Inn are said to be haunted by an old Native American woman. Orbs can be seen in photographs. And an image of a semi-transparent Indian woman in the background of a picture taken in the dining room.

Litchfield - Old Mount Tom - On the trail of Mount Tom, there is a strangely old foundation that is boarded with creaky old stair wells and when you get to the top, you can hear moaning from the floors below. Some people gave reported seeing strange semi transparent images though the images are not clear.

The ghost is said to be a high school kid who died while on the trail. The name is unknown, and some people have even had communications with this "ghost. So we turned on the lights, checked all around no one was in there. Just before we turned off the lights all the stall doors were closed the minute I turned off the light both doors slammed.

The Legend has it that one man who was drunk drove his truck into the woods and died. Many people claim to have seen the driver lying helplessly in the truck. Also no one you can see around the woods in different sections has moved the truck door.

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The truck is still in the woods not being moved next to the bike jumps. Also two motorcyclists have also crashed in these woods and one man and one woman have been seen scurrying around the area. Witnesses have reported hearing ear-shattering screams.

Haunted Houses In Connecticut - Haunted Houses in Hartford, Bridgeport, CT

One witness reports," I woke up from a scream that I heard from a woman and after that I moved away and never went back to the house or in the woods. Part of it is apparently used for storage for old UCONN stuff but other parts have a very weird vibe to them. Many pictures have been taken with "orbs", especially outside and in the basement.

Meriden - Hubbard Park - A young girl was said to be kidnapped and brought into some woods at Hubbard Park and now haunts the park. She will save those being kidnapped of killed and kill the ones who are kidnapping or killing. She is said to look like a 7-year-old girl and she will laugh when she kills someone bad. Appears as a sleek black dog, resembling a Labrador retriever, though much more menacing. The dog is said to appear extremely evil and will stare you down. If a person sees the black dog once, it is considered good luck. Seeing the Dog twice is a warning of impending death.

If the dog stares you in the eye for a third time, it is said you will die very soon. Her real name was Nancy but everyone called her Naps because they were so frightened of her, especially the local kids. Explorers went to the place where she was supposed to have died, and now is haunting , east road in Meriden. Many people have recently sighted the legendary ghost of "Nancy.

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It is said she is looking for her dog and the people who killed her. Meriden - Metal factory - There is an old metal factory in downtown Meriden. It has been closed for about 10 years now. There is also an electrical plant that is connected to the metal factory. There are object the get thrown across the room, Noises coming from the upper floor, and sound of people climbing the ladder going up to the third level of the building, as well as orbs in the pictures taken on all three floors of the building.

Meriden - Towne and Country Market - This small local market is the scene of many spooky things.

Downs Rd in Hamden CT. Most haunted road in Connecticut?

If you are the only one in the store, it is not uncommon to see things fly right off the shelf. As well as images of angry cows looking for the rest of their once full body. If you order a half pound of german bologna, it is said that upon eating it you will perish in flames. Meriden - Undercliff Institution - Back in the early 's till the 30's and 40's near the Undercliff Institution there was a sanatorium made for sick children with diseases like rubella, mumps, German measles etc.

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  • Most of the children were brought there to die. The old brick building still stands near the old institution. Residents say that they can hear children crying and laughing. They are seen in the windows but only to vanish before you. Undercliff is now an abandoned building that is host to many different sightings. Reports of hearing former patients running around corners and down hallways to escape orderlies, and faint screams being heard form rooms where shock therapy was supposedly administered.

    Also sightings of a former patient who was murdered by a group of other patients with plastic utensils from the commissary walk the old courtyard. Middlebury - Little Peoples Village - Located in the woods, on the side of an abandoned road possibly old Waterbury Road , is a village of sorts, a number of very complex and detailed small stone houses standing about three to five feet high built into the hill. Some of the buildings are A framed, others are more traditional, they have the appearance that they are gutted and "condemned", inside of the little houses are elaborate room structures, staircases; pathways lead up hills through the woods to them, tiny pathways.

    The area is overgrown. Built into the side of a rock is a "thrown" a life sized chair of sorts with several symbols around it- the legend is that if you sit on it you will die in 7 years- this is only legend though. Next to the village itself is the ruins of an old stone house with iron bars on the window In the evening the road to the village is so loaded with negative energy that it is virtually impossible to travel it En route to the village and at the village itself several pentagrams can be seen from time to time on the ground.

    Overall a very eerie, very negative feeling pervades the area of this extremely mysterious village in the woods. All the other info is pretty accurate, there is really only one little house left and that is partly destroyed. The stone house is still there and so is the thrown. There is also a cellar that you can go down into.

    Place is very spooky. Legend is that there was a man and women who lived there and she was crazy and thought she was the Queen of the little people. She made her husband build her a thrown and all the little houses. Then she killed her husband and herself or he killed her and himself.

    Connecticut Paranormal Societies (55 total):

    There are different variations of the story. Local Indians had a village overlooking the Ct. River before the arrival of white men. This explains the often heard strange noises, chanting, drumbeats, lights turning on and off, and doors opening and closing on their own accord. Mists have been reportedly seen moving about inside of the firehouse portion.

    Trespassers WILL be arrested. Middletown - Long Lane - across from Rushford there is a dirt road and at the end of it there is a cement building underground if you go in and be very quiet you can hear the screams of people being beaten it is apparently the place where the patients were brutally tortured and murdered. January update: Long Lane juvenile detention was in existence since the early 's and housed females till age 16 at first before transferring them to Niantic Farms now York Correctional, all females.

    Long Lane later became co-ed and was closed in after a new all male facility was built close to the original and renamed CT Juvenile Training Center.