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Removed from their positions as head of the company, the two went their separate ways, leaving the film to flounder and then fade away. Yet instead of bringing a long forgotten animation masterwork back from the dead, it more or less buries the film once and for all.

The narrative centers on the return of Hoppity the Grasshopper to his old city stomping grounds. There he learns that his beleaguered bug pals are beset by humans everyday. Even worse, a new building is planned for their part of the 'Lowlands'. Hoppity hopes to stop all the chaos. It's threatening the business of Old Mr.

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Bumble and his daughter and our hero's childhood sweetheart Honey. Of course, the long legged lead is not the only one interested in the beautiful bee. Bagley Beetle wants Honey for himself, and will use henchmen Swat the Fly and Smack the Mosquito to guarantee that no one will stop him. All the while, the new skyscraper looms, bringing its own form of destruction to Hoppity and the gang. Then there is the surreal sense of seriousness that the Fleischer's favored. Disney never placed its symbols in serious danger, all threats from wicked witches and anthropomorphized wizards rendered inert by the end of Act III.

But Mr. Bug practically percolates with inherent hazards.

From a rainstorm that turns into a terrifying flood to the gangland style sentiments of Swat and Smack, there's a darkness present that definitely undermined the Fleischer films. After all, audiences loved the make believe mayhem and fake death dynamic of the Warners. They appreciated the glossed over glamour of the House of Mouse.

They didn't really want to see cartoons given a sinister, disturbing edge.

Since their approach was very old world European, the Fleischers tend to suffer outside the realm of their original releases. Unless a digital package accurately and painstakingly recreates the full color bloom of their work, things tend to look incredibly dated and mechanical.

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Clearly collecting a poorly duped VHS quality copy of the film, they simply kept the inaccurate full screen transfer, terrible color differences, and overall bargain basement feeling and plunked it down on an aluminum disc. The results are a crime - not only to fans of the movie, but to the legacy of the already marginalized Fleischers. Recently, relatively pristine offerings of the duo's definitive Superman cartoons, as well as an excellent collection of Popeye shorts, show exactly what can be done with old school Fleischer. Certainly, it requires time, effort, and an outlay of cash to bring these defect filled and edited for television efforts back to life.

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Equally important is maintaining the artist's vision. Having the misfortune of opening two days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Bugville was a financial disaster and led to the ousting of Max and Dave Fleischer, from the studio they had established in Paramount reorganized the company as Famous Studios.

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Advertisings All flip-books about Art! Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe. Ne dites plus Bagley Beetle. Originally titled "Mr. Bug Goes To Town", it was a box-office disappointment since it was released December 7th, , the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but survives today as an all-time family classic. Credits Credits. Hoppity Goes to Town aka Bugville - This charming Fleischer Brothers production tells the story of the inhabitants of Bugville, actually a weed patch in the middle of New York City.

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